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Backflushing and Disposable Filtration Technologies, Carbon Treatment, & Oil Extraction Units


Home System Control


All the cost saving and safety features found on the manual AF Series units can be fully automated with the AF Series Automation Package. It provides complete, unattended filtration operation by utilizing a programmable logic controller (PLC) which automates the normal operating functions of the control unit. It monitors the filter to determine when it needs to be backflushed, controls the backflush operation, and monitors each operation performed while providing an alarm if a failure should occur. It also provides test and diagnostic routines to ease maintenance. The filter utilizes electrically actuated valves available in a range of duty cycles, with pneumatic actuation optional. Its backflushing operation provides cleaning flow to each individual filter sleeve.

Sensors monitor flow or pressure at the filter inlet, and can provide pump protection. Adjustable sensors are designed to send a signal to the PLC, which in turn initiates the back-flushing cycle. A backflush can also be initiated through a direct pushbutton interface and our backflush interval timer. A visible backflush counter is also mounted on the front panel and indicates the total number of backflush cycles.


AF Series automation systems can be easily configured to operate in conjunction with automated processes and other automated equipment. Filter status information is available at all times, and the system will shut down (pump off, all valves closed) in response to any alarm condition. The alarm will be initiated if any of the following systems malfunction, and will immediately shut down and close all valves: valve and valve position indication failure; improper pump flow; purge malfunction/timeout; high or low level in processing tank. The system status lights at the time of the malfunction will stay on, indicating in what mode the failure occurred.

A NEMA-4X enclosure protects the electronics, and the system uses sealed cable connections. It displays illuminated valve and pump indication, along with all operating controls, system status, and alarm lights. An audible alarm is provided on the controller. An optional remote alarm is available.


• NEMA-4X control panel with indication and controls and filter system graphic
• Indication: Power on, system status lights, valve position indication, back wash counter, visual and audible alarm (audible alarm may be silenced after acknowledgment)
• Remote alarm capability
• True union valves with Electric or Pneumatic actuators
• Pump protection, automatic backflush, full shutdown on alarm condition

• Sensors: Pump flow, system flow, backflush interval timer, valve indication, backflush count, provisions for high and low level
• Latching status lights retain operating condition information after an alarm condition
• Global Filtration Systems programming support for after-the-sale modifications to the PLC ladder logic. Program changes can be easily installed via an EEPROM
• Start-up service call available with all automation packages

• Streamlined automation packages designed for application specific control are available for a lower initial investment than our premium package
• Custom PLC based control packages using a variety of major PLC brands
• Additional inputs and/or outputs and various control and monitoring devices available
• PC (Windowsฎ based) master control with PLC integration
• Optional  butterfly-style valves available