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EN-803 Filter (PVC) with Filter SentinelEN-8500 IN-SERIES FILTER/CARBON SYSTEMS


EN-8500 models combine filtration and carbon treatment in one factory assembled combination system.  The ideal smaller sized in-series choice, these units share the proven design of their larger EN-12500 cousins.   Standard system flow rates range from 850 gph to 2,700 gph.  Holding capacity per flow cycle ranges from 2 sq ft to 8 sq ft per cleaning/flow cycle.  To this is added a separate pre-plumbed carbon treatment chamber with two carbon charge sizes available.  This unique style of carbon treatment combined with our patented filtration technology provides a win/win combination for your process.  For Inorganic/Organic purification of your smaller sized application, look to EN-8500 models from Global Filtration Systems



APPLICATION FOCUS   For tanks of less than 1,500 gallons where both suspended solids and spent organics are a problem, EN-8500 filters are the answer.  They are perfect for solutions where continuous carbon treatment is a must, and as replacements for conventional disposable media combo-filters of up to 50 sq ft holding capacity.
Chamber PVC, CPVC, Polypro, others  
Tubes PVC, CPVC, Metal Alloys  
Elastomers Neoprene, Nitrile (Buna-N), Viton, etc.  
Filter Media Polypropylene is standard, others available.  
Micron Sizes 1 - 100 available standard, Larger upon request.  
Flow Rates 850 to 2,700 gph  
Granular Carbon Charge 15-20 lbs., 8 X 20 Mesh (Not Included).